Alexandra Feinman

I am a full time student attending Pace University in Manhattan. I am currently studying to earn a duel Bachelor and Masters degree in English and Publishing. I am originally from New Jersey, but I have been living in Park Slope for two years. My passion is- you guessed it- writing and reading! I am hoping to one day become an editor so that I may be able to get other peoples' stories out into the world. I am very active within my school's literary magazine, The Aphros, as well as my school newspaper, The Pace Press. I also volunteer at an art school where I teach Creative Writing to children in elementary, middle, and high school's around Northern New Jersey. My hobbies include reading discarded books I find on sidewalks, cooking, writing, and pestering my kitty, Roscoe. I have been apart of Brooklyn Cat Sitting's team since May 2016, but I also worked as a dog sitter while living in New Jersey. I have five dogs back in Jersey, but cat's truly own my heart! I am so intrigued on how intuitive and independent cats are, and have loved them ever since I found my Roscoe in a box near my apartment.