Included with every visit:

Food service

Dinner is served! Wet or dry? We take your cat's dietary needs very seriously.

Water Check

We'll clean and refill the water bowl with water of your choice.

Super scoop!

We'll thoroughly scoop the litter box so that you don't come home to any big surprises.

Accident Clean Up

Everybody has accidents. We come equipped with premium rubber gloves.

The Doctor is in

We'll administer any medications if necessary and keep tabs on your cat's condition.


We'll send you messages with kitty updates, so you don't ever have to worry!

Kitty Report Cards

We'll leave written updates with details of every visit.

Household tasks

You don't have to ask your neighbor to water the plants or get the mail because it's included with our service.


Enrichment, including playing, petting, brushing, and ample attention, is the best part of our day. Ball of yarn, anyone?

If there is something you need that is not listed, please contact us—we will do our best to accommodate you!

Neighborhoods Served

We’re always expanding, so if your neighborhood’s not listed here, please contact us for more information.


We strive to be as straightforward as possible with our pricing. We do not charge any additional fees for weeknights, weekends, or multi-cat households.

If you are interested in multiple visits per day, 45-minute or 1-hour visits, please contact us for details.

We do not offer every other day visits.

All prices subject to 8.875% New York sales tax.

Gratuity is always appreciated and 100% of any tips goes directly to the cat care provider. Our professional cat sitters are passionate, reliable and love to care for your cat(s).

New client consultation: Free

Flat rate: $33 per 30-minute visit

Premium : $66 for two 30-minute visits per day

Holiday Period Fee: $5 per day

4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years- Please click VIEW POLICIES below for specific holiday periods.

All rates subject to change.