Alexandra Feinman

I am a full time student attending Pace University in Manhattan. I am currently studying to earn a duel Bachelor and Masters degree in English and Publishing. I am originally from New Jersey, but I have been living in Park Slope for two years. My passion is- you guessed it- writing and reading! I am hoping to one day become an editor so that I may be able to get other peoples' stories out into the world. I am very active within my school's literary magazine, The Aphros, as well as my school newspaper, The Pace Press. I also volunteer at an art school where I teach Creative Writing to children in elementary, middle, and high school's around Northern New Jersey. My hobbies include reading discarded books I find on sidewalks, cooking, writing, and pestering my kitty, Roscoe. I have been apart of Brooklyn Cat Sitting's team since May 2016, but I also worked as a dog sitter while living in New Jersey. I have five dogs back in Jersey, but cat's truly own my heart! I am so intrigued on how intuitive and independent cats are, and have loved them ever since I found my Roscoe in a box near my apartment. 

Alexandra Schroeder

Riding in from Texas, Alex has always ended up working with animals. From her early days raising goats and rabbits for an agricultural program (they all ended up on a happy farm and that is what she will take to her grave believing), to working on a horse ranch and volunteering at shelters, self appointed as the Queen of the Neighborhood Cats -- she hopes to always be surrounded by furry pals! When she isn't pretending your cat is her own, Alex can be found listening to podcasts while knitting.

Alice S.

Alice is a cat lady through and through, with her two cats Leonardo & Donatello. She also spends free time fostering cats and kittens for various rescues, socializing them for future homes! On the regular, Alice can be found behind a church organ cranking out hymns and directing choirs for services all over Brooklyn & Queens. She is also a board certified music therapist, seeing occasional patients here and there. She can't wait to meet your kitties!

Amy Jean

Amy is a born cat lover and has had cats her entire life and can’t remember a time before she had cats. Her current kitty s named Lizzy. A nurturing soul by nature, Amy is also a nanny. She is currently studying for her BA in sociology. She’s done volunteer work for the ASPCA and has several years of cat sitting under her belt.

Camille Goldin

A lifelong cat lover, Camille lives in Brooklyn and works in book publishing.  When she's not buried in a book or hanging out with her feline friends, she enjoys rock climbing, yoga, acting, traveling, and volunteering for Reading Partners NYC.  Originally from California, Camille attended UCLA and now enjoys eating and biking her way through New York City.

Chloe Rozokk

Chloe is a California transplant living on the outskirts of BedStuy and Bushwick. She has a bachelors degree in Philosophy and great passions for music and the arts. When she is not cat-sitting she is singing, writing and producing songs, and exploring the beauty of Brooklyn. She has always been a huge animal lover and has had the great fortune of being surrounded by all kinds of animals throughout her life. Growing up her Dad was allergic to cats and now, as an adult, her apartment complex doesn’t allow them, so she really treasures the time she gets to spend with all the wonderful cats of Brooklyn.

Christine Higginbotham

I'm originally from Hawaii and spent my summers in Japan with my grandma. One of my favorites things to do with her was taking food to the strays in the neighborhood. I loved how with every cat with encountered- they were all so different in personality. 

Fast forward many years, I adopted my own kitty at a time I had to intention of adopting a cat.  Jerome stole my heart with affectionate kind nature and this was days after having to get his leg & tail amputated after getting hit by a car. 

When I'm not caring for kitties, I'm a part time dog walker. I'm a lover of all animals, particularly of the worlds most misunderstood breed of dog - pit bulls who every chance I get I advocate for with the help of my own pit bull Penelope.

Danielle Hansen

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Devin Woolf

A lifelong animal lover and passionate cat owner hailing originally from California. With a background in environmental sound research and its therapeutic applications, he remains dedicated to the ongoing advancements in feline enrichment and wellbeing. Inspired by his hybrid Bengal cats wild ancestors, he’s actively involved in the conservation and increasing awareness of small wildcats, their habitats and the preservation of their biodiversity. Through his direct observation of small wildcats behavior in the field, Woolf’s been able to deepen his understanding of what makes our partially-domesticated house cats tick and how best to foster a healthy cohabitation with our furry friends. 

Eleni Fintrilakis

I am a writer/therapist and published poet with 2 beautiful cats of my own. Cats have an amazing ability to bring emotional comfort to their human family. Though they are often overlooked when discussing support animals, they offer great companionship and stress relief. I consider my own cats part of my family and appreciate the level of trust it takes for someone to allow me to care for theirs.


Genevieve Brown

Genevieve recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, concentrating in poetry. She has lived in New York for the past four years, and is a recent newcomer to the Bushwick area. She’s had a ball of a time raising her two cats Kuma and Grapefruit from kittens in the past year and is excited to get to know all of your feline companions as well!

James Malave

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Julie Paveglio 

Julie is a dyed in the wool cat lover and lifelong cat owner. Her current kitty is named Ornette. -She’s leashed trained five cats, including a feral cat. And as cat lovers, we know that’s really saying something. One of her earliest childhood memories is of watching a stray cat give birth in her mom’s flower bed and of staying with the kittens when the mother cat was out getting food. Julie spends her spare time in her studio painting. She’s a transplanted Brooklynite, originally from Michigan and spent time in Vermont before moving here. She says, “I love getting to know each cat’s unique personality. Each life and friendship brings a new awareness of about life and myself.”

Kat Watt

Kat sadly grew up in an allergic household and has since been making up for lost time by playing and cuddling with every kitten she meets, especially her adorable tabby, Oliver.

When not visiting your wonderful pets she can be found volunteering at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, working on her pizza making skills, practicing yoga or curled up with a cup of tea and a good book.

Katrina Necciai


Katrina is a student and online health educator for an international health care provider. She's been cat sitting for over 5 years, first in Baltimore and now in Brooklyn. When she's not on her bike visiting cats whose parents are traveling, she can be found at home cooking, listening to podcasts with her own kitty, or seeing stand-up comedy around the city. 

Kris Visch

Hailing originally from Cleveland, I have lived all over the US, eventually landing in Brooklyn, where I’ve been for the last 11 years.

I studied Social Work at Colorado State University and eventually received my Master’s in Public Health from Hunter College.

When I’m not taking care of the cutest cats in all of Brooklyn, I love spending time cooking, playing the piano, and making homemade soaps and lip balms. For the last three years, I have been a volunteer at the ASPCA, where I match potential adopters with their feline and canine soul mates and socialize with all the kitties waiting to find their forever homes.

I’m the proud pet parent of Franklin, an extremely handsome 6-year-old tuxedo cat. While I, of course, love all cats, I have a special soft spot for the senior kitties out there, who often need a gentle patient touch. My love of cats is closely tied to my deep respect for their come-what-may attitude and fickle displays of affection.

Liz Moran

Liz received her rescue kitties, Cornelius and Mr. Whiskers, as a Christmas gift in 2010.They were a big surprise, and oh so adorable. Harnessing the power of Google and a few books from the library, Liz fashioned herself into a cat guru, making sure she could understand and attend to their every want and need. She is now fairly certain that the three of them are all psychically connected. When not cat-sitting, Liz can be found at the Museum of the Moving Image, where she works as a fundraising professional and at the Mark Morris Dance Center, where she practices her sweet tap dancing moves.

Maggie m.

I'm a native Brooklynite; Park Slope originally, now Brooklyn Heights. I'm a lover of cats and dogs, having grown up with both. Nowadays if you were to guess how many pets I own based on the amount of toys, scratching posts, climbing trees.. etc. I have strewn about my apartment, you might think I have a few cats. But no, I just have one very spoiled nearly five year old tabby named Zoey. She's great, even if she does hog the bed. Other than spending time with Zo, my interests include fitness, organizing and crafts.

Natasha Harris

I am an Ex-military brat born in South Korea. Don't have much of a hometown but after my father retired form service my family bought asmall farm on the outskirts of Myrtle Beach. I graduated from Myrtle Beach Sr High and began attendingSpartanburg Methodist College for communications. My love for animals dominated my feelings in what I truly wanted to do in life, New York seemed like a good place to kick off my animal care career. So, I relocated to NYC in 2005.

 I am physically active, love to garden, and enjoy playing the piano. I volunteer with ASPCA in the feral cat catch/fix/release program that I feel passionate about. I have had the pleasures of experiencing interaction with cats in my neighborhood, friends, family, vets, shelters, boarding, relocation, and more. Who couldn't fall in love with the mystery, grace, and intellect of our feline partners.

Sally Persico

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Wendi Starling

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