Alexa L.

Alexa is originally from Orlando, FL where she grew up always having animals and being involved with animal rescue. She became the go to if anyone found kittens or other animals in need of help. When she is not petting a cat you can find her on the stage. She has a degree in musical theatre and has performed at Walt Disney World and several other regional theaters. Alexa loves animals and has a special place in her heart for cats because of their unique personalities and traits. A true cat lady at heart, her favorite sound in the world is a purr.

Alice P.

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Allie R.

Growing up in California on her family-owned farm shaped Allie’s passions and career interests that she has today. Living on a farm exposed Allie to a variety of animals and their characteristics, down to their behaviors, emotions and intellect. 

Allie is currently a student and has experience volunteering in vet clinics, and aspires to grow within her passion to become a vet or adoption counselor, maybe even animal trainer!

While Allie isn’t working with animals, she is reading, gardening, writing, and loves to freelance photograph when she can. She can’t wait to meet your furry friend!

Moving to New York Allie’s native language was Russian limiting her communication at the time. Her pet cats became her companions, forming a strong bond. It was a relationship she could continue speaking Russian that reminded her of home.

Christine H.

Assistant Manager & Cat Sitter

Christine is originally from Hawaii and spent her Summers in Japan with her grandma. One of her favorites things to do with grandma was taking food to the strays in the neighborhood. She loved how every cat was so different in personality.

Due to allergies in the household, Christine was not able to have a kitty of her own. 

Fast forward many years, she adopted her kitty with no intention of getting one the day she stopped by the animal shelter. 

Jerome stole het heart with his affectionate & kind nature- this was days after having to get his leg & tail amputated after getting hit by a car. 

Christine is a lover of all animals, particularly of the worlds most misunderstood breed of dog - pit bulls who every chance she gets she advocate for with the help of my own pit bull Penelope

Danielle H.

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Deborah S.

My name is Deborah, I come from Paris and have been in NY for more than a year now. 

I have been working in tv production and entertainment events for the last 12 years in France and traveling all over the world for different projects.

I have 2 passions in life: pets of course and theater (I have been acting several years and love goes to the theater and movies!)

My number 1 passion is animals (I have animals since I was born and have been rescuing pets for more than 20 years now).

I have been volunteering in France and in NY for different cats and dogs organizations; rescuing cats and dogs all the time and been also involved in France in special animal abuse investigations. I am TNR and CPR certified.

I have 2 cats rescued from the streets, 1 dog from Paris I rescued from a dog traffic and lately another dog that I just adopted, also a crazy rescue story here in NY And fostering 2 other cats I rescued few months ago, a real zoo hahah but full of joy and love! 

I love cats because they are very special souls, intuitive, so charming and smart. I have a reel feeling with all those cuties and it’s just such a pleasure taking care of them.

Dylan M.

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Eleni F.

I am a writer/therapist and published poet with 2 beautiful cats of my own. Cats have an amazing ability to bring emotional comfort to their human family. Though they are often overlooked when discussing support animals, they offer great companionship and stress relief. I consider my own cats part of my family and appreciate the level of trust it takes for someone to allow me to care for theirs.

Erin D.

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Kat W.

Kat has been working full time for BCS for more than two years and still can’t believe how lucky she is to be able to play with cats for a living. When not visiting your wonderful pets she can be found curled up with her own cat and a good book, working on her bread baking skills, playing board games or practicing yoga.

Katrina N. 

Katrina is a student and online health educator for an international health care provider. She's been cat sitting for over 5 years, first in Baltimore and now in Brooklyn. When she's not on her bike visiting cats whose parents are traveling, she can be found at home cooking, listening to podcasts with her own kitty, or seeing stand-up comedy around the city. 


Leanne V.

Hello there! My name is Leanne! I am an actor/writer/comedian in NYC and an avid cat lover. I had a cat for 11 years of my life while growing up whom I loved very much. I miss having a furry friend! I'd love to care for your little pal. I'm full of energy, have cared for animals large and small, and am very perceptive towards kitty signals as I am often pegged as quite cat like myself. Maybe I am a cat? But who better to hang out with your cat, than a cat herself. 

Liz M.

Liz received her rescue kitties, Cornelius and Mr. Whiskers, as a Christmas gift in 2010.They were a big surprise, and oh so adorable. Harnessing the power of Google and a few books from the library, Liz fashioned herself into a cat guru, making sure she could understand and attend to their every want and need. She is now fairly certain that the three of them are all psychically connected. When not cat-sitting, Liz can be found at the Museum of the Moving Image, where she works as a fundraising professional and at the Mark Morris Dance Center, where she practices her sweet tap dancing moves.


Risa B.

After adopting a cat companion at the age of 10, Risa Branch first started working with animals as a groomer in her teens. Her pet sitting clients have included dozens of diverse animals ranging from cats and dogs to turtles and lovebirds, and she finds that most animals love her as much as she loves them! Risa is trained in Reiki energy healing, and she’s done clinics providing Reiki treatments for animal companions. Her skill in pet photography is often noticed and appreciated by her human clients. Risa is also a noted animal rights activist: She was a contributing author for Speaking Up for Animals: An Anthology of Women’s Voices (Paradigm Publishers), and she was featured in the documentary I’m Vegan. A fan of international travel and long journeys, Risa has spent a season or more in four countries so far and she’s visited a dozen others. Risa currently gets all of her feline love from her furry clients as when she’s not making visits, she’s busy working as a jazz singer.

Sally P.

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Vic v.

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