"Kaitlin is professional, personable, and extremely knowledgable. She knows what she's doing and clearly loves it, which is so important! We could not have had anyone more caring and responsible take care of our cats - she is the best!"

-Kaitie A.

"I couldn’t have been more delighted to find Brooklyn Cat Sitting and to meet Kaitlin when she came to visit us for the consultation. Both of our cats have some idiosyncracies: Kaitlin immediately put them at ease, and treated our shyer cat, Peepers, with so much tenderness, coaxing her from under the bed. I discovered two heart-shaped photos of the cats on our refrigerator when we got home, along with handwritten notes about their days. This kind of care and attention means so much, especially in this day-and-age of automated-everything. I highly recommend Brooklyn Cat Sitting and am so glad to have them in the neighborhood.”

-Rachel S.

"Kaitlin and Alexandra are true professionals. I have a very fussy princess at home, and they knew exactly how to handle a territorial female cat. Kaitlin offered reasonable rates and friendly, attentive, hassle-free service. Plus, she was available during the holiday season! I'll definitely use her services again, and will warmly recommend Brooklyn Cat Sitting to my friends.”

-Haas R.

“I chose Kaitlin as a cat sitter because I had known that she had worked at a veterinary clinic and was able to provide basic cat sitting needs (feeding, grooming, etc.) while also recognizing any medical issues that might be presented while I was away. I was away for approximately 12 days and Kaitlin took excellent care of my two cats. They seemed well cared for and happy when I returned and there were no issues. I was not available for communication throughout my vacation but Kaitlin called me promptly when I returned to the states to ensure that both cats were doing well. I felt very comfortable leaving my cats in Kaitlin’s care and would do so again!”

- Anthony A.

"I would highly recommend Kaitlin to anyone in need of a pet sitter. Over the years I have seen how much she loves and cares for animals. In the past she has worked for me as a receptionist/technician in an animal hospital in Brooklyn. Her educational background is in animal behavior. She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to how to interact with pets and has a very kind/gentle disposition. She always goes above and beyond when caring for pets and treats them as if they were her own."

-Dr. Kim Levine, DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine)

"Kaitlin is the Best!! She goes above and beyond for my cats and puts my mind at ease when I’m away. I have two cats, and one of them needs twice daily transdermal medication. Kaitlin has trained in vet clinics and has taken classes so she knows how to administer the meds and what to do should something go wrong while I’m away. She comes over and spends time with them, feeds them treats and plays with their favorite toys, so they don’t get lonely, and I don’t feel bad for leaving them alone for so long. I love it when sends me texts during her visits along with pictures of the kitties so I know they are happy."

- Laura E.

“We hire Kaitlin every time we leave town. She is the reason we can travel with peace of mind. She sends us charming updates on our two cats, including photographs, so we know they are being well cared for. We have one who is very shy but after we returned from a week away she seemed to have become more confident. Her time with Kaitlin must have been great therapy.”

- Aviv R. & Piper H.

"I choose Kaitlin to take care of kitty Lilly Anne because of her love and enthusiasm for cats. Given her Vet experience you can trust her to be professional while also providing love and affection. And she sends me cute pictures/updates of Lilly Anne while I'm gone. She's my go to sitter when I can't find someone to stay in the apartment. Kaitlin's a true cat lover."

-Jessica S.

"If you are looking for a knowledgable, professional, and reliable cat sitter, look no further than Brooklyn Cat Sitting. Having worked with Kaitlin in a veterinary setting, I can say with confidence she is all of those things and more. All of the time and energy she's put into years of school and clinical work just show she really has her heart in this business. I would recommend her to friends, family, and use her services myself!"

- Erin B., Veterinary Technician