Risa B.

After adopting a cat companion at the age of 10, Risa Branch first started working with animals as a groomer in her teens. Her pet sitting clients have included dozens of diverse animals ranging from cats and dogs to turtles and lovebirds, and she finds that most animals love her as much as she loves them! Risa is trained in Reiki energy healing, and she’s done clinics providing Reiki treatments for animal companions. Her skill in pet photography is often noticed and appreciated by her human clients. Risa is also a noted animal rights activist: She was a contributing author for Speaking Up for Animals: An Anthology of Women’s Voices (Paradigm Publishers), and she was featured in the documentary I’m Vegan. A fan of international travel and long journeys, Risa has spent a season or more in four countries so far and she’s visited a dozen others. Risa currently gets all of her feline love from her furry clients as when she’s not making visits, she’s busy working as a jazz singer.